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Digital Tools

Why are these tools essential to a 1:1 environment?

Content: Content is easily accessed and created in an online, interactive community, making it accessible to students at school, in class, and at home and does not require any additional software. 

Communication: Schoology and Google provide platforms for communication between students and teachers for assignments, feedback, and questions.  It makes communication and learning a fluid, seamless process. 

Collaboration: Students can participate in class discussions using the discussion feature built into Schoology and collaborate on projects using Google's cloud-based sharing access. 


Learning Management System: Schoology

For teachers, a learning management system provides a way to create and deliver a variety of digital content, individualize resources for specific student needs, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. For students, a learning management system provides one, streamlined place where course and customized materials, assignments, and communications can be accessed and submitted. Teachers can assign, grade, comment on students' work, and return it to students all within Schoology. Since the system is cloud based it allows students to access materials from anywhere with internet access and easily collaborate on projects without needing specific software. 

Google and Chrome logo

Content Creation: Google Apps for Education

  • provides equal access for all students regardless of device and software
  • enhances collaboration through cloud-based storage and sharing
  • integrated with Schoology 
    • integration allows instructors and students to access Google Documents and Calendars from within Schoology. 
    • Students can submit assignments created in Google Docs.
    • Instructors are able to import files directly from Google Docs Schoology courses.