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Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities
  • Chromebooks will be brought to school everyday with a full charge. Students will charge devices at home. If a student forgets his/her Chromebook or it needs repair, students will report to homeroom for attendance and a tech slip then report directly to the Media Center for support. 
  • Students in Grades 5-12 will take devices home every night.
  • Students will use Chromebooks and associated accounts for school and educational purposes only and will follow the guidelines for safe and appropriate use outlined in the district's Acceptable Use Policy and 1:1 Personalized Learning Policy.
  • Students will complete assigned course work on the Chromebooks. Ross High School and Ross Middle School are open in the mornings before school for students to access the wireless networks. Media Centers will be open after school through the Study Skills programs for students to access wifi for school work.
  • Students will keep any personalizations to the Chromebook, case and cord to items that are not permanent and can be easily removed without causing damage. 
    • Examples 
      • Appropriate Personalization: Students can change the background image for the desktop screen to a personalized image that is school appropriate.  
      • Inappropriate Personalization: Adding stickers, pins or drawings with any type of writing device (marker, pen, pencil, etc) to the case, Chromebook or charger. 
  • Students will be expected to return Chromebooks at the end of the school year in a clean, good working condition without any personalizations to be checked for any needed services. 
  • Students are responsible for caring for the device. 
  • Students will talk to parents/legal guardians before connecting to internet networks at home or other areas. (Examples include understanding data plans and rates so additional charges won't be incurred or accessing unfiltered networks.)
How to Care for Chromebooks
  • Always keep devices in the case.
  • Make sure to keep the Chromebook, cord and case in safe places where pets or other dangers could cause damage.
    • Examples
      • Appropriate Place: On a table that is out of reach of pets and placed away from edges where it could be knocked off to the floor.  
      • Inappropriate Place: Leaving a Chromebook in a car. Extreme heat and cold can damage batteries. Chromebooks are also more likely to be stolen when left in cars. If they must be left in a car for a short time, make sure to place them out of sight.
  • When updates are available to install, shutdown the device to install the update during a time when it will not interrupt instruction.
  • Students will keep devices clean. Please refer to the user manual for proper maintenance. 
  • Students will keep food and drinks away from the devices, cords and cases. 
  • If technical support is needed, students will ask a teacher for a permission slip to take the Chromebook to the Media Center or other specified area for support. 

Top Ways Chromebooks are Damaged
  • Shutting a pencil or pen in the lid
  • Not securing it properly in the protective case
  • Carrying it by the lid instead of holding from the bottom
  • Liquids such as spills, cleaning fluids or rain
  • Spills and/or crumbs from food or drinks
  • Ruining the battery: 
    • Extreme heat
    • Extreme cold
    • Leaving the device plugged in all of the time
  • Not being gentle with the device: tossing it on a table or floor, stepping on it, kicking it, etc
  • Trying to hack the software or open the hardware