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Success Indicators

Students, parents and staff will work as a team to create a personalized learning environment for all learners. Digital resources (Chromebooks, Schoology, icurio, etc.) will be used to enhance lessons and provide additional resources and opportunities for students with various learning styles and academic abilities. 

All teachers have participated in professional development to learn how to integrate the digital tools. Additionally, the district has been building capacity for a project like this. Elementary students complete grade level technology checklists. Students utilize Google apps to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets; participate in digital citizenship education; and use iPad apps to communicate and create. Middle school students take four technology courses and freshman students take online health and take career awareness in a blended environment. Our students and teachers, therefore, are now ready to move forward.  

Students and staff will continue to learn these tools together as the district moves forward with the 1:1 initiative. Each year will provide more training, content development and integration experience to meet the projected five year goals of the program. 

The district is working with the University of Cincinnati's Evaluation Services Center to evaluate the district's progress towards the following indicators of success. 

Academic Achievement Indicators of Success
  • Students will access resources that are relevant and allow for personalized learning so that students can increase rigor and meet or exceed grade level standards.
  • Ross Local Schools will use the achievement component of the state report card to determine if we are on track for our five year goal to be in the top one-fourth of similar Ohio school districts.
  • Students will use digital tools to interact and collaborate with others and create authentic products so that they are participating in activities that mirror the real world.
  • Students will publish content to contribute to a positive digital footprint and will become digital citizens and respect the rights and privileges this entails.

Organizational District Indicators of Success
  • Students will create student-chosen authentic products using digital resources and tools
  • Ross Local School District will become a leader in Ohio by holding open houses for other districts and by presenting at conferences in Ohio. 
  • All teachers will facilitate personalized learning in their classroom 100% of the time.
  • All teachers will use formative and summative assessment data to structure their classrooms for personalized learning.
  • All teachers will engage students in learning utilizing Schoology Learning Management System.
  • All students will have multiple online learning communities.

Survey Results
  • Student Pre-SurveyThe student pre-survey is a baseline to determine if the project helps students increase their academic success, connect their learning to the real world, collaborate online and to  build a positive online digital footprint that reflects an understanding of their digital rights and responsibilities. Students will be surveyed again at the end of the school year. The results are shared below. 
  • Parent SurveyParents of students in grades 5-12 were recently asked to participate in a survey for the 1:1 Personalized Learning initiative. The results provided helpful information from parents' perspectives about the communications related to the 1:1 project, overall satisfaction with various aspects of the implementation, student use and benefits of Chromebooks, internet access at home, screen time and concerns. The results are shared below.