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Gifted Services

District Gifted Service Plan

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Elda and Morgan Elementary School, Gifted Services and Enrichment

An enrichment opportunity is provided for those students that meet criteria in the areas of Reading and Mathematics.

Any identified as Superior Cognitive from their 2nd grade CogAT assessment is also invited to participate.

Students participating in enrichment for the full academic school year will be counted as receiving services and will be provided a Written Education Plan (WEP) from their Gifted Intervention Specialist. This WEP outlines goals and skills students will work on while receiving gifted services.

Gifted Intervention Specialists we have at the elementary schools are listed below:

  • Jayne Neufarth-Elda Elementary, 3rd & 4th grade enrichment
  • Jenna Rahrig-Morgan Elementary, 3rd & 4th grade enrichment

Ross Middle School, Gifted Services

Gifted students are grouped together by class.

In grades 5-8 there is a Language Arts course and a Mathematics course offered for gifted service to those students who meet the set criteria.

Gifted Intervention Specialist at the Middle School is listed below:

  • Lauren Jenkins-Ross Middle School grade 5, Language Arts and Social Studies

Additional Gifted Teachers:

  • Beth Ballauer, grade 5 Math
  • Brandi Emenacker, grade 6 LA and Math
  • Jennifer Lake, grade 7
  • Kaitlyn Schroeder, grade 7 LA
  • Danielle Kramer, grade 7 LA
  • Julie Jarvis, grade 7 LA
  • Delores Cummings, grade 8 Math
  • Aly Brown, grade 8 LA
  • Robin Plowman, grade 8 LA
  • Jen Rettig, grade 8 LA

Ross High School, Gifted Services

The following courses are currently offered for gifted service:

  • AP U.S. History, Sharon Berlage
  • AP Psych, Scott Canfield

  • Pre-Calculus, Ben Dougherty
  • Pre-Calculus, Jennifer Harrison
  • AP Calculus, Rich Dunn
  • Advanced Algebra I, Cherie Hornfeck
  • Advanced Algebra II, Tina Ozias
  • Advanced Geometry, Chris Napier
  • CCP Statistics, Sue Slade

  • AP Physics, Michael Frankenhoff
  • AP Chemistry, Jonathan Reeve
  • AP Biology, Beth Mitchell 
  • Advanced Biology, Cara Greco
  • Advanced Biology, Brian Streng
  • CCP Anatomy and Physiology, Brian Streng

  • English 9, Jake Richards
  • English 10, Emily Hamblin
  • English 11, Brian Smith
  • English 12, Kirsten Main
  • AP Language, Dana Johnson-Owen

Gifted Intervention Specialists at the High School is listed below:

  • Jake Richards-Ross High School, English
  • Kyle Jones-Ross High School, Science