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Welcome to the Ross LPDC page!

Are you interested in the 
Innovator's Mindset book study?

  • If you are, in PDExpress, request the activity type "workshop," and when the book study is completed, you will receive a certificate stating the REAPS you have earned.
  • If you are taking this for Ashland credit, request the activity type "college course semester hours." You will need to add the college course number into the TITLE. When the course is completed, you will need to request a transcript from Ashland and submit a copy to your LPDC representative. The course number for this book study is 6270 S9.
About the RLPDC
  • Each district building has one or two LPDC representatives. 
Elda Elementary- Jessica Jackson and Jesse Kohls
Morgan Elementary- Len Martin 
Ross Middle School- Tracy Wright and Chris Saylor 
Ross High School- Sharon Berlage and Emily Doblinger

District LPDC Chair Person- Len Martin
LPDC recorder- Emily Doblinger
  • If you need assistance or have any questions about the IPDP process regarding the renewal or transition of your license, please contact one of the LPDC members.

New!! 30 day grace to enter an activity and unlimited District PD!!! 

1. Continue to log your PD hours for building and district inservices and workshops! You will keep track of these hours over the course of the 5 years of your license renewal period. Keep you log until you renew or when you reach 18 REAPS!

2.  Now that District PD hours are unlimited, you will only need to create ONE activity for your license renewal period for District PD.  
ie. I will attend Building/District Professional Development

3. If you renewed for 2015, just create your goal to match your license dates so you only have to enter one activity for all the District PD. If you renewed last year, you would create an activity that states: 

I will attend Building/District Professional Development. 
I will enter the start date as August 17, 2015 and the end date as June 1, 2020 to match my license renewal year.

First, select the school year and District Workshop as Activity Type, then add the following information and save for LPDC approval.

4. Keep track of your hours on a PD log then turn it in when you are ready to renew or when you reach 18 REAPS.  180 hours of PD is what you need to renew if you are solely using District PD as your method of renewal.

5. Once you renew, you will receive a new license, then you create a new plan, and add an activity for District PD to match your renewal years and add any additional professional development you will be completing.

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