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  • Winning Team for Week 1 Congratulations to BUS 55!  They are our winning team in the first week of the START walking initiative! BUS 55 team members, Dottie Baxter, Marcie Noschang, Susan Bulach, and Tim Gibson will all receive a $25 gift card to Speedway! Don't give up on your goals. We're going to give away $25 gift cards to Target next week. Keep Walking!
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It's time to START! 
American Heart Associations' START Walking Program at Work

Kick off: February 26th

Building Reps

RHS: Ann Helmers

RMS: Stacy Ruellman

Elda: Roxanne Stapleton

Morgan: Gwen Kohlman

Bus Garage: Debbie Metcalf

Board Office: Joyce Purdy

The Wellness Committee has begun the American Heart Association's START program.  You'll need to pair up in teams of 4.  The

competition is based on personal walking goals (or another equivilent exercise), so it doesn't matter what your fitness level is or what the fitness level of your teammate is. 
It's just about setting your own goal and going for it!
You'll just need to tell your team captain the number of miles you're going to walk per week, and the captain will combine everyone's total for a team goal.  Meet your team goal, and you get entered for a weekly, district prize drawing.  Meet your team goal all 4 weeks, and get your name entered for a GRAND PRIZE.  (We promise it will be worth it!!!)
Look for more information to come over the next few days.  Start teaming up for some fun!

Here's how it works...

1. Team up in groups of 4. Select a team name and team captain. Team captains turn this information in to your building rep by the end of the day on February 24th. (see list of building reps)

2. Each team member sets a goal to walk so many miles per week*. The team captain adds all those goals, and turns in one team goal. (The goal remains the same for the entire competition, but you're welcome to exceed it whenever possible!) 

3. Your team needs to meet their weekly goal. It doesn't matter if one team's goal is higher than another. The competition is just to meet your miles, not to beat another team's miles.

4. Your building rep will post a record sheet for each team. At the end of each week, the team captain should log his/her team's miles. 

5. Here's the fun part...If your team meets their goal, the team will be entered for a drawing for a $25 gift card for everyone on the team that week. The first week will be a $25 gas card! Who couldn't use that?

6. If someone on your team doesn't meet their miles because they, for example, get sick that week. The rest of the team can rally and pick up those miles. At the end of the week, it only matters if the team goal is met. So team members, hold each other accountable!

7. At the end of the 4 weeks, all teams that have met their goal every week can enter their team name for a GRAND PRIZE drawing. Grand prizes are still being obtained, but we'll post them as soon as they are finalized! 

*See the conversion chart linked below. You may select another exercise and convert it to the estimated miles on the chart. So even if you prefer another form of exercise, you can still participate!