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The Herd at a 2019 Football game.
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2nd Semester Remote Learning Information RAM Head

Important Information to Ross Local School District Families Regarding
Second Semester Remote Online Learning Option

Transitioning from In-person Instruction to Remote Instruction


If a family is interested in changing a student’s learning environment from in-person TO remote (online, Accelerate Education platform), please read this document for critical guidelines and process expectations.


November 20, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The purpose of this letter is to provide guidelines and expectations to families who wish to change a student’s learning environment from in-person to remote (online) instruction for the second semester (January 19th - May 27th, 2021). A change in the learning environment will remain the same for the entirety of the second semester.

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2nd Semester Remote Learning Information

Ross High School Moving to Hybrid Learning Model Hybrid

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This school year has been very successful and rewarding, and at the same time it has also presented challenges. As a result of some of the challenges that the district is currently facing, we have decided to move Ross High School to ahybrid learning environment for the remainder of first semester (starting 11/13/20 and ending 1/15/21). This model is only for Ross High School at this time.

There are multiple reasons for making this transition. Our confirmed COVID case numbers at the high school in particular are growing at an alarming rate. While we haven’t experienced a tremendous amount of student-to-student or staff-to-student spread, our case numbers have increased dramatically in the last two weeks. An additional factor in this decision is that as of yesterday, approximately 15% of our total in-person population at Ross High School was in ordered quarantine or isolation as dictated by the guidelines we’ve been given by the Butler County General Health District. The hybrid model allows us to increase social distance in classrooms and on buses. This will reduce the number of students coming into close contact with individuals who test positive.

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Important Information for Incoming Seniors

All 12th grade students are required to show proof of TWO meningitis vaccines unless the first meningitis vaccine was given after the age of 16. If the first vaccine is given after the age of 16, only one vaccine is necessary. All seniors attending Ross High School or Butler Tech must provide a record from a physician or clinic with the date the shot was given. Records must be provided to Ross High School prior to the first day of the 2019-2020 school year. It is important that you obtain these vaccines and the record as quickly as possible. Students without proof of a meningitis vaccine will face exclusion from school as required by law in the state of Ohio. Records can be dropped off at Ross High School, faxed to 863-8340, or emailed to the school nurse:

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