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Activities for Elda Students 

Student Council

Teacher Advisors You Can Email: Mrs. Virgi & Mrs. Asher


Student Council members are the role models for our school.  We look to these students to be leaders for our school.  We have 1 student representative for each 3rd & 4th-grade homeroom.  Meetings are once per month at 8:15 am in the gym.

Elections are held in early September based on these characteristics: 
  • hardworking
  • care about serving/helping others
  • make good choices
  • has school spirit
  • a good friend & listener


Running Rams 
Teacher Advisors You Can Email: Mrs. VirgiMrs. Asher, & Mr. Richards 
Running Rams is an after-school youth running club for students in 3rd & 4th grade.  There are 2 sessions - the Fall Session runs from the beginning of September through early October;  the Spring Session runs from mid-April to mid-May.  The Ross High School Cross Country & Track and Field athletes coach our students.  Members of the Running Rams do a variety of running activities and learn about fitness/nutrition, and get a t-shirt.  There is a Championship Race at the end of each session at RHS.  The end goal is to run a full mile in this race.


Running Rams are students who:
  • choose to join ... EVERYONE is welcome!
  • want to be active
  • make friends with other students in the district
  • learn from our high school mentor athletes



Elda Ensemble 
Teacher Advisor You Can Email: Mrs. Villalobos
Elda Ensemble members are some of the top musicians at our school.  These 3rd & 4th graders audition to become members of this group.  Students in Elda Ensemble meet twice a week before school to learn new songs.  Ensemble members sing, play, and create music to perform during concerts, around Ross and all over Cincinnati.


At the beginning of the year, auditions are held.  Students in Ensemble are selected based on these characteristics:
  • can sing on pitch and show skill on the instruments
  • must show self-control and hard work in music class and potential for consistent work ethic in ALL Ensemble rehearsals and performances
  • must represent Elda in a positive manner inside and outside of our school



Girls on the Run 

Teacher Advisors: Mrs. CountsMrs. VirgiMrs. AsherMrs. HeisMrs. Martin, & Mrs. Meyers 

"Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.


Meeting twice a week in small teams, we teach life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. The curriculum is taught by certified Girls on the Run coaches and includes three parts: understanding ourselves, valuing relationships and teamwork and understanding how we connect with and shape the world at large.


Running is used to inspire and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment. Important social, psychological, and physical skills and abilities are developed and reinforced throughout the program. At each season's conclusion, the girls and their running buddies complete a 5K running event which gives them a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals. The result—making the seemingly impossible, possible, and teaching girls that they can.
- Girls on the Run"


Girls on the Run are girls who:
  • choose to join ... EVERYONE is welcome!
  • want to learn positive, healthy life strategies
  • want to set and achieve goals
  • want to make healthy friendships



Earth Club 
Teacher Advisors You Can Email: Mrs. Priore & Mrs. Asher
Students in the Earth Club are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders who enjoy Science.  Students will do science and nature activities and learn how we can help our Planet Earth.  


Earth Club members:
  • enjoy science and nature
  • can stay after 1 day each month 
  • will need to have a ride home at 5 pm on meeting days
Safety Patrol 
Teacher Advisor You Can Email: Mrs. Virgi 
Safety Patrol helps students get to their busses at the end of the day.  Safety Patrol members must be prepared for the weather (ex: umbrella on rainy days; winter coat during cold months; etc).  Members are given a schedule so they know their "assigned month" for their duty.  They also receive a safety belt at the beginning of the year, which they are responsible for all year long.


Teachers recommend 2nd and 3rd-grade students at the end of the school year for the upcoming school year.  These are students who are:
  • responsible
  • respectful
  • peaceful problem solver
  • good leader
  • helpful
Camp Innovation 
Teacher Advisor You Can Email: Mrs. Jenkins


Camp Invention website
2019 Camp Invention Flyer


Camp Invention® is a nationally acclaimed summer program where STEM concepts come to life. Led by local teachers, this program has tapped into kids' natural curiosity since 1990, giving them the opportunity to become innovators through teamwork and immersive, hands-on creative problem-solving.