Student Chromebook Update

For an update on the usage and recommended guidelines for student chromebooks please see the letter below. This letter will be sent home with students in grades 5-12 today (February 6) and was emailed to parents through Final Forms this afternoon. 


Dear Parents,


On Friday, the battery of an Acer Chromebook overheated causing the device to ignite.  As a result of this incident, all Ross Middle School and Ross High School students, even those with non-Acer Chromebooks, were instructed to leave their devices in lockers while the Technology Department contacted the manufacturer and determined the scope of the issue.


At this point, there are no known widespread issues or recalls which have been associated with the Acer devices.  According to the manufacturer, the Acer C720s have been in use for multiple years and the company has not seen any safety dangers or concerns with this model of Chromebook.  It appears that this battery issue is an isolated incident.


Yesterday, students at Ross High School were able to use their Chromebooks in their classrooms under their teachers’ supervision.  Today and moving forward, all students will be permitted to use Acers in the classrooms and to bring their Acer Chromebooks home.  Please note: the CTL Chromebooks are from a different manufacturer and there are no concerns with these devices.


As with any electronic device, there are several important safety precautions to take both at school and at home:

  • The laptop should be shut down when it is not in use.

  • Air vents should be clear of dust, lint, or any other debris.

  • The device should never be operated on a soft surface such as a pillow or even a child’s lap.  It should always be used on a hard, flat surface.

  • If the Chromebook begins to feel unusually hot, immediately shut down the device.


When your child is using his or her laptop at home, please ensure that these important safety procedures are being followed.  We will continue to investigate and monitor this issue.  If there are relevant updates, this information will be shared with parents.


The Ross Local School District is proud to be a 1:1 District. We appreciate your ongoing support.




Scott Gates

Superintendent, Ross Local School

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