Ross High School Moving to Hybrid Learning Model


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This school year has been very successful and rewarding, and at the same time it has also presented challenges. As a result of some of the challenges that the district is currently facing, we have decided to move Ross High School to a hybrid learning environment for the remainder of first semester (starting 11/13/20 and ending 1/15/21). This model is only for Ross High School at this time.

There are multiple reasons for making this transition. Our confirmed COVID case numbers at the high school in particular are growing at an alarming rate. While we haven’t experienced a tremendous amount of student-to-student or staff-to-student spread, our case numbers have increased dramatically in the last two weeks. An additional factor in this decision is that as of yesterday, approximately 15% of our total in-person population at Ross High School was in ordered quarantine or isolation as dictated by the guidelines we’ve been given by the Butler County General Health District. The hybrid model allows us to increase social distance in classrooms and on buses. This will reduce the number of students coming into close contact with individuals who test positive.

While in the hybrid learning model, we will continue to embrace good safety practices for all of our students and staff. In addition, we will continue to update the COVID cases every Monday morning, and each week we will analyze the COVID numbers and make decisions regarding the hybrid learning model accordingly.

While the hybrid learning model reduces the number of students in the building and within classrooms, it will not entirely eliminate the possibility of students becoming quarantined. Teachers will be encouraged to socially distance students as much as possible and will also be allowed to use alternative spaces to allow for more social distance between students within the classroom.

In this model, students will be divided into two groups. The MAROON Group (Last Names A-K) and the GOLD Group (Last Names L-Z). Teachers will continue to teach a 5-day schedule from their classroom, and students will participate daily in instruction and learning tasks, either face-to-face or virtually. On days students are not attending school, they will be expected to stay on pace with the class. Students will attend Zoom sessions for class and complete work assigned in Schoology. Students will be able to access the recorded Zoom session for the day along with the work in Schoology. Teachers will be required to Zoom and record their instruction every day.

We realize there are blended families who may have students in both groups. Please contact the High School directly if you need to make specific arrangements in this case.

As we move forward through the rest of this school year, it is important to remember that as a community our actions impact one another. The change to a hybrid model at the high school is not a result of COVID transmission within the school, but because of spread that is occurring within the community. Our best chance to keep our schools open is to follow CDC guidelines both within the schools and in our interactions outside of school.


Chad Konkle

Becky Tompkins
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Steve Castator
Director of Pupil Personnel


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