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2023-2024 Athletic and Fine Arts Fees
2023-2024 Athletic and Fine Arts Fees
2023-2024 Athletic and Fine Arts Fees

To: Ross Local School District Parents
From: Chad Konkle, Superintendent and Steve Castator, Treasurer
Date: August 3, 2023
Re: 2023-2024 Athletic and Fine Arts Fees

There have been several impactful changes that have occurred over the past several months. Our goal is to clearly communicate such changes and the recommendation that will be presented to the School Board.

  1. State of Ohio Biennium Budget. Our District has been relatively flat funded since 2013. The Governor signed the new budget into law on July 5, 2023. Based on current simulations, we will receive an overall increase in funding for the 2-year biennium.
  2. Health Care. The cost of our current staff healthcare system has increased drastically over the past three years. District costs over this period have increased approximately 30%, including a 17.9% increase last year. To that end, we have explored market bids and secured a new provider with a three-year contract that includes increases of just 2%, 0% and 0% respectively. This change will save our District approximately two million dollars over a three-year period.
  3. Business Operations Study. We have carefully examined many aspects of our District’s operations.

By renegotiating third party contracts and utility rates, we anticipate a savings of approximately $200,000 a year. We believe it is important to not only be transparent, but also to help our parents and community during these difficult times. Athletic and Fine Arts Fees have been closely examined and vetted through the District’s Finance Committee. Extra-curricular fees will continue to be evaluated every year moving forward.

We will be recommending to the School Board the following changes to the School Fee Schedule for the 2023-2024 school year:

  1. Fine Arts Fees. Fine Arts fees will be reduced to $100 per student compared to $140 last year.
  2. Athletic Fees. Athletic fees will be reduced to $300 per student/per sport compared to $825 last year. If a student athlete participates in a third sport in a school year, the third sport will be free. If a parent has already paid the $825 participation fee, a refund of $525 will be issued.

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