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RHS Rambotics
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RHS Rambotics
RHS Rambotics

In January, the Ross Rambotics team was visited by Fox19 News to feature a story on the team's work to help a little girl in Lexington, Kentucky, be able to use her walker when she is also visually impaired. As if it isn't cool enough to have news coverage of your work, the bigger story is of the impact RHS students are having on another person's life that is nothing short of life-changing.

The team rose to the occasion when the project was brought to them, delivering a functioning product that will help the 10-year old maneuver through the halls of her school with ease.

Here is what the little girl's mother, Sarah Borders, had to say.

"Among the many challenges of raising a child with disabilities is accessing adaptive equipment that meets the needs of your child.  I am thankful to the Ross Rambotics Team for diligently working to design a walker for a visually impaired child. The students that I met as well as their team members are certainly creating a positive impact in Harper's daily life.  I am sure that these young men and women will continue to be a force of innovation within their community.  They certainly seized an opportunity to bring accessibility and independence to my daughter and I look forward to seeing how the team will continue to customize their design."

Steve McManus, a volunteer with the non-profit organization, May We Help, that helps to provide custom solutions for individuals with special needs shares, "Immense thanks to the Ross Rambotics Team for their dedication on developing the gait trainer with ultrasonic sensor vibration feedback. I could not have done this without the team. They delivered what the University of Dayton Robotics could not do for the pas 2.5 years. Delivered a working product! Also, I want to recognize Hollis Schuller for his support, knowledge and leadership on this project. Included with Hollis and the team are Dan Morrisey, Laura Counts and Jennifer Noxsel."

Huge kudos and job well done to the Ross Rambotics team.  Keep up the great work of using your talents and skills for the benefit of others.

Check out the full story from Fox19 here.