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RLSD Celebrates National Special Education Day
RLSD Celebrates National Special Education Day
RLSD Celebrates National Special Education Day

December 2, 2023, is National Special Education Day, which is a day to commemorate the passage of federal legislation with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that protects the free and quality public education of ALL students. The law was first passed in 1975, and has since undergone many changes to ensure the protection of the education of children with disabilities and exceptionalities.

Ross Local School District is proud to provide special education services to 564 students (almost 20% of the student population), and proud to employ 80 staff members who provide special education services to our students on a daily basis.

Transition to life students visit Headlines on a field trip

One of those staff members, Rose Kappesser, Intervention Specialist and Transition Coordinator at Ross High School (her Transition to Life students pictured above on a recent field trip to Headlines) shares her passion for special education and the power of inclusion because of IDEA by sharing, "As an educator, I get to see the transformative power of inclusion firsthand. Through inclusion, we are cultivating a rich learning environment and fostering a community where each student's unique potential is not only recognized but championed. It also helps students, regardless of background or ability, to feel valued and empowered. Student-to-student interactions within the inclusion setting create a foundation for lifelong success for all students by equipping them with the empathy and skills needed to thrive in our world. It is truly an honor to work with amazing students and staff who have built that sense of community and environment for all our students."

RLSD Director of Special Services, Becky Morgan, shares, "There aren't many words I could say to adequately express the appreciation I have for the hard work and dedication that our special education personnel put into the work they do for our students. We have an amazing team of teachers and staff who dedicate so much of their time and efforts into supporting and nurturing our students with unique needs. Through the efforts of our staff, our students come to school feeling valued, loved, understood, and empowered. Just as I couldn't say enough about my appreciation for staff, I can't say enough about our students. We are so proud to serve the students of the Ross community. Meeting the unique educational needs of our students is our passion. We are so thankful we get to show up for them every day."

To learn more about National Special Education Day and the legislation it commemorates, please visit this link.  To learn more about the Special Services department at Ross Local School District, please visit the Special Services page on our website here.

Graphic for National Special Education Day