About Us

Last Updated: 7/29/2022 1:18 PM

Header image that reads "Ross Local School District"

Image that reads "The Ross Local School District will recognize the uniqueness and potential of all learners and will develop each one academically, socially, and emotionally."

Our Vision image which reads "The Ross Local School District is a community of learners empowered to discover their purpose, to aspire to solve relevant and real-world challenges, and to recognize that we are better together than on our own."

Our Beliefs which Reads "Students deserve exemplary educational experiences which will allow them to succeed and excel in our ever-changing world;  Staff establishes and promotes a culture of support and acceptance for all learners, always keeping students in the center of their focus;  Family has the most direct and lasting impact on a child’s learning and is a critical partner in the success of students, schools, and the District;   Community partnerships provide students with opportunities for guidance and mentorship on their path towards discovering purpose."

District Tag line that reads "Discover, Aspire, Relate. Every day."

Image of 3 gears with the words Mission, Vision, and Beliefs embedded in the center of each gear.