Central Registration

Last Updated: 9/21/2022 1:25 PM

In an effort to provide exceptional customer service to families, Ross Local Schools uses a centralized enrollment process for all students. To serve the residents of our community, all communication regarding enrollment is through the District Registrar, Tonja Curry. Due to the continued Covid restrictions regarding events, our Central Registration office will not be scheduling in person appointments.  However, we are still very excited to welcome your child to the Ross Local School District through a contactless enrollment process for all new and incoming students.



1. To get started, you will need to complete this form so that the registrar can send you the needed documents that you can then sign via Docusign.

2. You will receive an email from the registrar with the documents that you will need to sign within a few days of filling out the form above.  Before you begin e-signing these documents, please have ready the documents listed below. Through Docusign you will be able to upload scans or pictures of each of the following documents.

  • Original birth certificate

  • Parent/Guardian Driver’s license or state issued ID Card

  • Proof of Residency 

    • Utility Bill (in the form of electric or water)

    • Renter’s contract with utility bill in renter’s name

  • Custody documents (if applicable)

  • Immunization records

  • Copy of IEP, 504 or WEP for gifted (if applicable)

3. Complete the linked special transportation request form if your child will be picked up and/or dropped off at an address other than your HOME address.  This form must be completed by 7/1/21.

4. The Ross Local School District is pleased to offer you a service that will save you time, improve delivery of services to your child, and also help our schools operate more efficiently. FinalForms is an online program that allows parents to complete and file most school and athletic forms electronically. FinalForms is not registration, you will need to complete the Docusign process to finalize you child's enrollement.

Final Forms Sign-Up Directions


For Transportation questions, please call 738-2900. 

If you have registration questions, please contact Tonja Curry at the Central Registration Office. 

Hours: 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Phone: 513-868-4504

Email: studentenrollment@rossrams.com


Other Enrollment Information 

If your child is transferring from another school district, you will also need to provide the name and address of the previous school your children attended so that we can send a record request form. 

In order to accommodate your registration quickly, we MUST comply with the legal requirements of the following: 

  • Federal/State Law - "Missing Child Act"
  • State Law ORC 3113.64 - Legal Custody
  • State Law ORC 3313.64 - Legal Residency
  • Ross Board of Education Policy Guidelines

For Preschool registration, please contact Morgan Elementary at 513-738-1986.


Intradistrict Transfers 

Only students who are residents of the Ross Local School District and officially enrolled in the Ross schools are eligible to participate in the intradistrict open enrollment program.  For more information download the Intradistrict Enrollment Information Document from the links on the right.  

To apply, download and complete the Intradistrict Open Enrollment form found in the links section of this page. Forms must be submitted by the Parent/Guardian of the student to the home school principal by April 8.