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Special Services

The Ross Local School District is committed to providing students ages three through twenty-one who have been identified as students with a disability that adversely affects their learning or access to learning,  a free and appropriate public education consistent with federal and state laws. These laws require the district to identify, locate and assess all students within the district from age three through twenty-one years of age who may have disabilities, and provide appropriate support and/or related services to those eligible. These services are provided based on the individual needs of the student as determined by the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP), a legal document that describes how the Ross Local School District provides services to students with exceptional needs.

Special education support and services are provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) which was signed into law in 1997. The legislation was signed in November 2004 reauthorizing it as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEIA).

Through comprehensive child find efforts, the Ross Local School District seeks out all resident children (and non-residents attending a private school within the Ross Local School District) with potentially disabling conditions.   

A full continuum of special education services is available to resident students, ages three through twenty-one years. Preschool students are served in a variety of ways utilizing many service delivery options depending upon evaluation results and IEP team recommendations. These may include center-based services located at Morgan Elementary where the program is integrated with non-disabled preschool children, itinerant services, and disabled students enrolled in community-based preschool programs within the Ross Local School District. 


Becky Morgan, Director of Special Services

Patti Berry, Special Services Secretary

Alexis Petroulakis, School Psychologist (Ross Middle School & Ross High School)

Kelly Heis, School Psychologist (Elda & Ross Intermediate)

Alexis Som, School Psychologist (Morgan Elementary)