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  1. Bidder is required to use the enclosed forms.  The name and address of the bidder and the date of opening must be shown on the sealed envelope containing the bid.  The word “BID” must be marked on the lower right hand corner of the sealed envelope.

  2. All prices must be firm until delivery.  Check your bid carefully because it cannot be corrected after the bids are opened.  Bidders must deliver at prices quoted even if prices are in error.  Bids must be firm for 90 days from date of opening.

  3. Federal and state taxes should not be included.

  4. Quotations must be F.O.B. destination.

  5. The purchaser may accept or reject any or all, or parts of any and all bids.  The purchaser may waive defects or informalities in the form of the bid when no prejudice will result to the rights of any bidder or the public.

  6. Bidders shall accompany their bids with a delinquent personal property tax affidavit, a bid bond for the full amount of the bid, or a certified check/cashier’s check made payable to the Board of Education of the Ross Local School District, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid submitted.  A bid guaranty must comply with all the conditions set forth in the uniform bid guaranty statute, R.C. 153.54.

  7. Bids shall be received in writing until 12:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, on September 13, 2016 by the Treasurer of the Board of Education of the Ross Local School District, 3371 Hamilton-Cleves Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45013.  All bids must be received by the time and date designated in this document and none will be considered thereafter.  The Board will not assume the responsibility for any delay as a result of failure of the mails to deliver bids on time.  Oral, electronic, telephonic or telegraphic proposals are INVALID and will not receive consideration.

  8. Any and all school buses purchased by the Board of Education pursuant to these instructions and specifications shall be delivered to the Board in full working order.

  9. Bidders shall include the legal name of the bidder and a statement whether the bidder is a sole proprietor, a partnership, a corporation or other legal entity, and each bid shall be signed by the person or persons legally authorized to bind the bidder to a contract.



Bidders shall use the Ohio School Bus Bid form enclosed herein for the submission of their bids.  The buses when assembled and prior to delivery shall comply with all Board of Education specifications, all safety regulations of the Ohio Department of Education and current Ohio Minimum Standards for School Bus Construction of the Ohio Department of Highway Safety pursuant to Section 4511.76 of Ohio Revised Code, and all other pertinent provisions of federal and state law.

It is important that the bid sheets clearly indicate the base price and the cost of each option specified.

Factory specifications for chassis and body must accompany the bid.

Bids are for:  The purchase of two (2) 77 passenger conventional school buses.

 A copy of the Ohio School Bus Construction Standards, OAC 4501-5 is incorporated in these specifications.  All buses/bids must comply with said standards.





We, ________________________________________, in accordance with Section 5719.042 of the Ohio Revised Code, hereby state that we do not have delinquent Personal Property Taxes on the General Tax List of Personal Property Tax in any County or have been charged with delinquent Personal Property Taxes in any County.






Name and Title


Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this __________ day of ___________, 2016.


My commission expires:  _______________________________



Notary Public