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Frequently Asked Questions Part 7

Where did the money go?

  • Our largest expense by far is Personnel Cost
  • Our Salary schedules are some of the lowest in the County
  • We simply do not have the revenue to continue to operate at our current staffing levels without a levy
Pie Chart showing data %22where the money went

2017‐2018 School Year to 2020‐2021 School Year
Purchased Services:

  • Special Education, Nursing, substitutes: $5.4M
  • Utilities: $2.1M
  • Repairs: $1.5M
  • Inspections: $90K
  • Garbage & Recycling: $130K
  • Equipment Leases: $110K
  • Insurance: $300K
  • Transportation: $150K
  • Internet & software support: $225K