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Gifted Identification & Services

Gifted Identification

Ross Local Schools provides opportunities for identification of giftedness through district level screenings, individual assessments and referrals. The assessment instruments for the screening and identification of gifted and talented students vary by ability area. For more details please review the Gifted Identification Overview or the Gifted ID & Service Plan.


Gifted Services 

Ross Local School District offers a continuum of services and supports for gifted identified learners. Our Mission is to provide high-quality environments and experiences based on student needs that promote the development and growth of giftedness in cognitive, academic, artistic, and socio-emotional areas to promote critical thinking and lifelong learning. We are committed to meeting the needs of all learners through challenging and enriching educational experiences through a variety of services. Gifted Services are official programs that meet state service requirements, establish a Written Education Plan (WEP) for the student, and are provided by qualified educators trained to meet the unique needs of gifted students. Please review the Gifted Services Overview or the Gifted ID & Service Plan for more details.