A major focus area of the Ross Local School District strategic plan is student social and emotional wellness. With this in mind, Ross Local Schools recently partnered with Catalyst Counseling to offer additional mental health services for students at Elda, Morgan(part time) and Ross Middle School.  Full services at Morgan and Ross High School will be coming soon.  On January 7, 2019,  Ms. Liz Clark began serving students at Ross Middle School five days a week and Ms. Goldie Groen began serving students at Elda four days a week and Morgan one day a week.  Ms. Clark and Ms. Groen will offer a more intensive level of services for students and families, and can be accessed all year.


This optional and confidential service is in addition to the services provided by our school counselors. The school counseling program is an integral component of all aspects of our schools, as it helps students be emotionally healthy and ready to learn, and as mental health needs increase, so does the need for more acute care.  


Ross teachers, administrators and parents will have direct access to the therapists’ expertise, as they will collaborate with educators, parents and the school counseling staff to create safe, healthy and supportive environments that strengthen the connections between home, school and the community.


Parents, teachers and school counselors can make student referrals for service. Students can also self refer for services. Families can cover the cost of therapy visits through insurance, Medicaid or private pay options.  The partnership is self-sustaining and does not require any financial investment by the school district.


Mental illness affects approximately one in five children and access to services can be difficult. The school district will assist with scheduling appointments and facilitating the services. Our hope is that by offering therapy services in our buildings, we are making it easier for students to access the services they need.


The partnership between Ross Local School District and Catalyst Counseling was facilitated by MindPeace, an organization that functions to create and maintain mental health partnerships between schools and local agencies?.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with the therapist or have questions about these new services, please contact your child’s school counselor.



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