Ross High School Legacy Show Choir Elda Students Playing Xylophones. This is an image of a High School Student Helping an Elda Student on her Chromebook. Ross Middle School students watching a dodgeball tournament in the gym.

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ODE Releases New School Report Card for 2018-19 Report Card Graphic

Above is a graphical representation highlighting some of the Ross Local School District's accomplishments on the newly released school report card. 

Ross Reflections Newsletter - Summer Edition Read More

Ross Local Schools Town Hall Number Three

Watch the Ross Local Schools Town Hall Meeting Number 3 Recorded Live June 13, 2018 7:00 P.M. at Ross High School Performing Arts Center.

Ross Local Schools Town Hall Number Two

Watch the Ross Local Schools Town Hall Meeting.

JEE Foods


Butler Tech Program Highlights Jee Foods at Board Meeting

Students from our Butler Tech program competed in a world-wide competition called STEAM Education for Global Citizenship to Achieve SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals). This group is one of only eight high schools in the WORLD who presented on Monday, February 5, 2018 at the United Nations.

They have started a non-profit called JEE Foods as their SDG is hunger. 

Michael Rivera  / CEO  /  Junior

Michael Saylor / CFO  / Senior

Isabella Saylor / CMO / Sophomore

Andrew Grady / CTO / Senior

Lexie Bramel / Marketing & International Relations / Junior

Max Kline / Finance / Senior

Caitlyn O'Bryan / Marketing / Senior

Brett Eads / Finance / Sophomore 

Andrew Wright / IT & Innovations / Freshman

Olivia Colyer / HR / Senior